The REGISTRATION for the Robotics Championship this year started on June 1st and will close on October 15, 2018.
Friday, June 15th, 2018

Natie Prin Educatie Association is is a force in the STEM education field (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) whose purpose is to create a strong bond between STEM high-schools, universities and the business environment in Romania.

The concept of the FIRST Tech Challenge program is more than just building a robot. It includes team-work, project-work, entrepreneurial spirit, having initiative and problem solving skills, volunteering. The program activities are promoted in order to develop the technical competences as well as non-technical ones.

The REGISTRATION for the Robotics Championship this year started on June 1st and will close on October 15, 2018. The program allows high-school students to apply, classes from 9 to 12.

We invite high-schools team to apply (the veteran ones and the new ones) and form teams of a maximum of 15 students.

The main tasks of the team members are: technical ones (programming, building a robot, driving a robot on the field, work strategy, engineering notebook) non-technical (marketing and communication, fundraising, developing a business plan and strategy).

Each team has one mentor. The mentors have to be 100% involved regardless of their technical or non-technical background and support the team, motivate and guide it.

The application process includes a video, a motivation letter and the team visual identity. The application must be submitted by the high-school mentor of the team.

The teams will go through Regionals that have a Qualifying purpose . The Grand Final will be the National Championship, which will take place in Bucharest in March, 2019. A selected number of teams awarded at the National Championship will attend the World Championship in Detroit, April 2019.

BRD FIRST Tech Challenge Romania 2018, National Championship (March 23-25)
Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

The National Robotics Championship is the biggest robotics event in Romania that is held annually. This championship aims to develop the Romanian High- School students’ STEM abilities through learning by doing, having fun while developing a robot and working in a team.
This year’s edition took place between March 23-25, 2018 – at Sala Polivalenta, Bucharest
90 national teams from 49 cities in Romania participated here, over 1400 high-school students and 2 international teams from Russia.

Competition matches marathon and team activities at their pits)

During our event, 4 of the national competition teams qualified to the World Robotics Championship that took place in Detroit, USA (April 25-28, 2018).
The stages that the high school students went through included national events that took place in Iaşi, Cluj, Timişoara and Bucharest and the number of those that signed up for this competition now, in the second edition, grew exponentially. On top of the 90 teams of 1400 students each from 49 cities in Romania, in 2018 (54 teams and 800 students from 33 cities in 2017), the event also included 300 mentors (100 in 2017) and 200 volunteers (100 in 2017).
Inspire Award 1 – Team RO001 Xeo Alba Iulia, Horea Closca si Crisan National College, Alba Iulia
Inspire Award 2 – Quantum Robotics – RO 077, International Theoretic Informatics High School in Bucharest
Winning Alliance Captain – QUBE.., Mihai Viteazul National College, Bucharest
Winning Alliance 1st Pick – Technogods Robotics Team, Ecaterina Teodoroiu National College, Targu-Jiu

„You are part of the first wave of this movement that will bring forth an important change in your country, that will change your lives and that will help you change the world. Right now, you are joining a community that includes 500.000 students and 150.000 volunteers that participate every year at FIRST events and these numbers grow year after year. Everything is based on technology and innovation nowadays. You are the people that solve problems and I guarantee you that out of the 1400 students that are here now, in 10 maybe 15 years, all of them will uncover new cures for certain diseases that don’t exist nowadays.” stated Ken Johnson, Director World Wide FIRST Tech Challenge.
Ken Johnson attended BRD FIRST Tech Challenge Romania 2018. See here a clip with his remarks:

You can relive all your favorite moments from the competition here: Highlight video Grand Final –